Thursday, March 28, 2013

Gerhard Al Alba Vincero Kabinett Trocken

In the opera Turandot, Princess Turandot must marry Calaf after he correctly answers three riddles.  Calaf gives her one chance to free herself: she must guess his name by dawn.  Princess Turandot decrees that no one in her kingdom will sleep that night until the stranger’s name is discovered.  At this point, Calaf launches into Nessun Dorma (No one shall sleep) and loudly proclaims at the end, “Al Alba Vincero” (I shall win).  I’m guessing that Mr. Gerhard is an opera fan…

I have drunk many vintages of this wine and it is one of my favorite, inexpensive German Rieslings.  This version is quite dry and the palate is rather closed right now.  I would love to try it again in five years but still enjoyed it.   The subtle flavors include Lime, Lemon and a touch of Papaya.  The finish is minerally and short.  It’s a nice quaffer.